Spirit, Body & Food

Specialist Help for Nutrition, Wellbeing and Healing

Physical and Spiritual Nutrition

I specialise in assessing and treating various eating problems, difficulties and disorders, as well as in energy healing.
The services I provide are aimed to achieve wellbeing through healthy eating and the expansion of consciousness, so that people can make clear choices that lead them to a more fulfilling life, in harmony with the environment.
The consultation takes an integrative approach, so that the client can understand how their imbalance developed and how they can improve upon their self-care, facilitating the body's innate healing response.

The service focuses on:
• Helping people develop a healthier relationship with themselves, their body and food.
• Relieving pain and stress.
The specific goals of the therapy depend upon a person's needs and desires.
Most clients require a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions to establish a relationship with their inner being and take steps towards a life-forward direction. These consultations can be a mixture of half or full sessions in person, by telephone, videocall and/or email, depending on their needs and what is practical and convenient.


Upon gaining my Nutrition & Dietetics BSc degree in 2005, I have been actively working in various settings including acute hospitals, community care centres and clinics, in Argentina and the United Kingdom.
I provide comprehensive nutritional advice that is based on sound science, practical and realistic for today's lifestyle.
Throughout my professional practice I have incorporated contemplative practices and complementary therapeutic methods that facilitate a state of integration between mind, emotions and body awareness.

Human beings are extraordinary energy beings. Life depends on a delicate balance between different forms of energy we process in order to sustain our physical body.
Food is a central part of our life processes. While this is strongly related to the metabolic needs of our body, it is also closely related to our cognitive and emotional processes.
Our body is a complex system to sustain life, it represents our situations and constitutes them to a large extent long before we can even think about how this is done. The body expresses itself and takes us to another dimension of our experience. We have the power to change ourselves and to feel the change happening from the inside out. In order to do this, we need to learn how to listen to the body from within to obtain information coming from the deepest and wisest being.


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